Onpage SEO – Working with a Fintech company (Case Study)

One of the best thing I love to do is helping companies ranking higher on the search engines. Back in a few years when I started digital marketing, I was so happy when my first few pages of our website started to bring in great amount of organic traffic. 

I loved it, because it was “free”. I put it in a quotation mark, because I still had to put the time in and work hard for our pages to have the best content. 

Fast forward to 2022 when I just started working with a Fintech company helping them ranking higher. My job is mainly editorial, optimising on-page content.

On-Page SEO - The Basics

I’m not sure if you have read before about the topic onpage SEO, but it means how well structured your content, how the readers (and search engines) find your page useful.

It also needs good basic fundamentals of technicality. If all this is correct, then you are on a right track to rank your site.

This page is still under writing. 

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